most recent publications at the top:

Excursions into Philosophy The Ekphrastic Review

First Responders by Apodaca Park… Hamilton Stone Review

If It Knew Everything I’d Ask It  The Pangolin Review

13 Haiku Cacti Fur

2 funny, almost too funny poems Jokes Review

5 poems The Song Is…

Little Dry Canyon, Late April  Plum Tree Tavern

3 funny, almost too funny poems Jokes Review

4 Poems Hineni Magazine

Stalled Ink   Poetry Pacific

On the Cusp of Snow and Thaw   Indiana Voice Journal

Daddy Daughter Campout    Indiana Voice Journal

Folk Rock Flophouse    Indiana Voice Journal

1000 Feet Up  Star 82

Cloak of Fog   Plum Tree Tavern

Dog Canyon  Plum Tree Tavern

Today They Open the Rio Grande   Blue Pepper 

In the Water House   Cacti Fur

The Best Drops of Him   Crab Fat Magazine

Do You Feel Alright   Red Fez

Leaving the Aldo Leopold Wilderness   Canary

Are You at Risk for Shingles   Brick Plight

Why I Want to Be a Firefighter   The Fun Journal


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