Have you ever done time in a New Mexico public school? if so, these bars are for you. Hear MC FLASHCARD preach over a beat made by Dr. SWA, one of his finest students. Flashcard delves into the New Mexico Public Education system from both sides of the dais.


New Mexico C

(verse 1 MC FLASHCARD)

Crusty, musty our budget’s real low

Trust me, in the LC that’s how it goes

Grease up the grades like a mechanic

cars broke down, I feel kinda manic

All through high school the microscope’s on you

The adults round here got no follow through

And what exactly are you graduating to

Suicide hotline’s got a waiting room


Skiree skiree

Which one of ya’ll ever thinks about me?

I think I’ll grade ya’ll a New Mexico C

deserrrrrrrve it


(verse 2 MC FLASHCARD)

I sling the hammock up between your ears

Focus on your breath, now, never fear

All the trash card haters writin’ a  diss track

I best ghost write it so it’s worth a crap  

Now listen to me once, never to me twice

I’m not gonna ride you like a little tighty white

Now I never meant to do ya’ll a disservice

Half the time I feel my lessons are worthless


Skiree skiree

Which one of ya’ll ever thinks about me?

I think I’ll grade ya’ll New Mexico C

deserrrrrrrve it

(verse 3 MC FLASHCARD)

Some say I should shave, get a haircut

Buzz cut my B-Ballz, that won’t shut me up

Caramelized onions and chile relleno

Sure my life’s all wrapped up like a burrito

Don’t quit your cell phone cause i tell you to

My clothes get faded grading you

If only I was casually observing you

If only I was casually observing you

songwriters: MC FLASHCARD, DR. SWA


Thanks to Jim Thompson over at Cacti Fur for publishing these 13 new haiku. Cacti Fur is the only poetry journal in America that would accept these. These 13 haiku got rejected 72 times. Here’s a brief retelling of those rejections:

For rejections 0-10 I remained giddy.

For rejections 11-26 I ate corn dogs or thought that maybe I should find some corn dogs to eat.

For rejections 27-32, which came in the winter, I felt cold on the inside and the out.

For rejection 33, this one never came, I’m guessing the editors were so knocked out by my haiku they just tossed in the towel completely and turned to stone like that one soldier in Clash of the Titans.

For rejections 34-58 I thought maybe all the publishers of poetry in America must clearly be idiots who only publish their white friends. This feelings lasted 46 days and 26 minutes.

For rejections 59-62 I thought maybe I would have better luck being published if my name was Suzy Hiro or Hilario Bustamontes or Mads Kellaway.

For rejections 63-70 I thought maybe I’m a terrible poet and then I told myself that writing is like therapy and then I washed my mouth out with Ivory soap.

Rejection 71 came from the New Yorker, oh Kevin Young, what good are you? You’re a better color than the last dude, but c’mon.

Rejection 72 never came. Rejection 72 was an acceptance letter from Jim Thompson of Cacti Fur. I love you for loving me! But I hate myself for being this needy. Jim, if you are reading this, when can I submit more poems to you, and only you, for rest of my life?

Click here for 13 new haiku by Tim Staley

Here is a picture of me pretending to talk about my 13 new haiku to Kevin Young from the New Yorker:

The Most Honest Syllable is Shhh now available on Amazon

Tim Staley’s newest chapbook, The Most Honest Syllable is Shhh, is now available from Amazon.

This 32 page collection was originally released in June, 2017, by NightBallet Press out of Cleveland, Ohio.

Here is a poem from this chapbook:


My Life and Your Life


My life almost feels

like your life.

Your life might be

someplace nearby.

I turn over your life

like a ceiling fan:

on/off off/on

fast/ medium fast/

really fast.

In winter I turn

the other way.

Or is it your life

turning over mine?




September 25, 2016    Anasazi Winery  Placitas, NM
September 30, 2016  New Mexico State University   Las Cruces, NM
October 8, 2016   Wild Fig Books   Lexington, KY
October 10, 2016   Sandra Small Gallery  Covington, KY
October 12, 2016   Mac’s Backs   Cleveland, OH
October 14, 2016   Art Obscura   Las Cruces, NM

Tim Staley shares the stage with other local poets this Saturday


This year’s “For Love of Lit” reading, in conjunction with “For Love of Art Month” in Las Cruces, will be held Saturday, February 27, 1:00 – 3:00 p.m. at the Branigan Cultural Center.

Last year our audience spilled over from the smaller Schwartz Room, so this year we are scheduled for the larger Shannon Room.

LeeAnn Meadows, Joanne Townsend, Christine Eber, Ellen Roberts Young, Catherine McGeehan, Caitlin Ferguson, Anna Underwood
Peter Goodman, Frank Varela, Dick Thomas, Joe Somoza, Gerry Stork, Terry Hertzler, Tim Staley

You are correct if you conclude that they are not reading in this order.  There will be an intermission.  Come hear some of our local Las Cruces area poets.


tim headshot

Tim Staley was born in the shadow of a strip mall in Montgomery, Alabama, in 1975.

He founded Grandma Moses Press in 1992.

He completed a Poetry MFA from New Mexico State University in 2004. He studied under Connie Voisine and the late Kathleene West.

His awards include The 2004 Peter Harris-Kunz Endowed Award in Poetry, and The 2012 Luminaire Award for Best in Poetry.

He was a finalist in the 2013 Imaginary Friend Press’ Full Length Book Contest.

He was a finalist in the 2014 42 Miles Press Poetry Award Full Length Book Contest.

He was a finalist in the 2015 Inlandia Institute’s Hillary Gravendyk Prize Full Length Book Contest.

His chapbook Mr. Staley Always Lets Us is in the Archives and Special Collections at New Mexico State University.

His hobbies include waiting, taquitos, and thinking. Actually, just taquitos.

He lives with his wife and daughter in Las Cruces, New Mexico.

Journal Publications: The Beatlick News, Bluegrass Accolades, Border Senses,  Brickplight, burntdistrict, Cacti Fur, Canary, Chaffey Review, Chiron Review, Circumference, Coe Review, Crab Fat, The FUN Journal, The Ink Spot, Lummox Journal, Lunarosity, Malpais Review, Magnapoets, North of Center, Owl Eye Review, Poesies, the Rag, Red Fez, RHINO: The Poetry Forum, Sin Fronteras, Spilt Ink and Zen Baby.