Think Again: Poets, Joseph Somoza and Tim Staley 4.17.23

Today we’re treated to thought provoking readings of some works by two local poets. Our guests are Joseph Somoza, retired NMSU English Professor and current Organ Mountain High School English teacher, Tim Staley, reading selections of their own poetry. These writers reflect on their personal writing processes, and concepts of poetry in general, and more. The conversation touches on how language and poetry both shape and express the seen and the unseen aspects of who we are as individuals and as cultures. It’s a fun and thoughtful peek into the personal and professional realms of poetry. Their poetry books are available at some local bookstores and at online booksellers.




Have you ever done time in a New Mexico public school? if so, these bars are for you. Hear MC FLASHCARD preach over a beat made by Dr. SWA, one of his finest students. Flashcard delves into the New Mexico Public Education system from both sides of the dais.


New Mexico C

(verse 1 MC FLASHCARD)

Crusty, musty our budget’s real low

Trust me, in the LC that’s how it goes

Grease up the grades like a mechanic

cars broke down, I feel kinda manic

All through high school the microscope’s on you

The adults round here got no follow through

And what exactly are you graduating to

Suicide hotline’s got a waiting room


Skiree skiree

Which one of ya’ll ever thinks about me?

I think I’ll grade ya’ll a New Mexico C

deserrrrrrrve it


(verse 2 MC FLASHCARD)

I sling the hammock up between your ears

Focus on your breath, now, never fear

All the trash card haters writin’ a  diss track

I best ghost write it so it’s worth a crap  

Now listen to me once, never to me twice

I’m not gonna ride you like a little tighty white

Now I never meant to do ya’ll a disservice

Half the time I feel my lessons are worthless


Skiree skiree

Which one of ya’ll ever thinks about me?

I think I’ll grade ya’ll New Mexico C

deserrrrrrrve it

(verse 3 MC FLASHCARD)

Some say I should shave, get a haircut

Buzz cut my B-Ballz, that won’t shut me up

Caramelized onions and chile relleno

Sure my life’s all wrapped up like a burrito

Don’t quit your cell phone cause i tell you to

My clothes get faded grading you

If only I was casually observing you

If only I was casually observing you

songwriters: MC FLASHCARD, DR. SWA


• Poet, lyricist, rapper, teacher, mentor, and motivator Tim Staley will receive the Arts in Education Award, honoring “an individual whose leadership and pioneering spirit promote and shape visual and performing arts education initiatives.”

Staley, a native of Montgomery, Alabama, has a master of fine arts in poetry from New Mexico State University. He has taught at Oñate High School and as an adjunct instructor at NMSU. He started a KTAL radio open mic event. He sponsored the state “Poetry Out Loud” contest for eight years, and his students have gone on to national competition in Washington, D.C. He founded Grandma Moses Press in 1992 and currently serves as publisher. He is the author of “Lost On My Own Street” and “The Most Honest Syllable Is Shhh.”


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